A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Southern California

 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay


February 16:
This Is Cinerama (Re-Issue)
Cinerama / Six-Track Stereo
Cinerama Releasing
"This Is Cinerama Is Back To Entertain A Whole New Generation"

Hollywood: [Pacific] Cinerama Dome

Includes World Re-Premiere on February 15

Additional 70mm Engagements:
Beverly Hills: [NGC] Fox Wilshire (May 23)
Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome 20 (July 18)

[First time in 70mm — original 1952 release in 3-strip Cinerama]

March 15:
The Sound Of Music (Re-Issue)
Todd-AO / Six-Track Stereo
20th Century Fox

Beverly Hills: [Pacific] Beverly Hills

Includes Re-Premiere on March 14

Expanded Release on Mar. 30:
Newport Beach: [Edwards] Newport

Additional 70mm Engagements:
Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome (June 27)
Hollywood: [UA] Egyptian (July 20)
Pasadena: [?] Hastings (July 20)
Beverly Hills: [?] Doheny Plaza (Aug. 22)
Miracle Mile: [UA] 4 Star (Aug. 22)
Pasadena: [UA] United Artists (Aug. 22)

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April 11:
Camelot (Re-Issue)
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Stereo
Warner Bros.
"Special Premiere Encore Engagement! On The Giant 70mm Screen With Stereophonic Sound"

Beverly Hills: [NGC] Fox Wilshire (Apr. 11 - May 20)
Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome 21

Additional 70mm Engagements:
Miracle Mile: [UA] 4 Star (May 23)
Century City: [ABC] Century City (June 20)
Beverly Hills: [Mann] Fox Wilshire (Oct. 3)
Beverly Hills: [Mann] Fox Wilshire* (Oct. 30, 1974)
Beverly Hills: [Mann] Fox Wilshire** (Oct. 1, 1975)
Westwood Village: [Mann] National (July 30, 1976)
Beverly Hills: [Mann] Fox Wilshire** (Sep. 8, 1976)
Westwood Village: [Mann] National** (Sep. 24, 1976)
Beverly Hills: [Mann] Fox Wilshire** (June 15, 1977)
Bakersfield: [UA] Movies 6 (June 12, 1981)
Hollywood: [UA] Egyptian (May 20, 1983)

* Double Feature with "Oliver!"
** Double Feature with "Hello, Dolly!"

Also see 1967 entry

May 24:
Tom Sawyer
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Stereo
United Artists

Century City: [ABC] Century City

Includes West Coast Premiere on May 23

October 19:
Fiddler On The Roof / Man Of La Mancha (Double Feature Re-Issue)
United Artists

Anaheim: [Mann] Cinemaland

Expanded Release on Oct. 24:
Beverly Hills: [Mann] Fox Wilshire

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