FromScriptToDVD.com is a website for anyone who loves movies. The site explores the art and craft of making movies, analyzes the motion picture industry’s unique fusion of creativity and technology and the conflict of art and commerce, and celebrates the enjoyment derived from watching and remembering movies. 

This is not an entertainment gossip site, nor is it about Hollywood hype. There is an audience for intelligent, yet casual information about film. With the massive appeal of DVDs and Blu-ray, movie fans have unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes information. But there is still more to hear from those working behind the magic curtain. Despite the perception created by certain publications and television shows, movies are not created solely by a pretty face or famous director. Making a film requires effort from hundreds of talented individuals. Not only do these professionals and artists excel at their craft, but they have great stories to tell about their adventures in the screen trade. 

The website is divided into three main “theme” sections: 

THE STUDIO GATE showcases the most recently-posted material. (Are you a first-time visitor or haven’t visited in a while? Start here.) 

THE BACKLOT is the production-oriented section. Here you’ll find interviews and Q&As with film industry personalities. This is also a section in which you will find articles on past and present filmmaking and exhibition technologies. 

THE SCREENING ROOM features content related to watching film. Included here are DVD & Blu-ray reviews, occasional book reviews, columns, photo galleries, retrospective articles, and lists. Articles about film concepts and theories, for instance, may appear in both The Backlot and The Screening Room. Additionally, some articles have no home and appear only in the SITE INDEX, which can be accessed from the bottom of any page.
From Script To DVD is a work-in-progress. New material is being added regularly, and while a daily visit is not required, you're certainly encouraged to periodically visit. Please enjoy what you see here.

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