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A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in New York City & Vicinity


 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay





The information contained in this article and historical filmography has been principally referenced from advertisments that appeared in the following daily newspapers archived on microfilm:


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Asbury Park Press, The

Bridgeport Post, The

Daily News (New York, NY)

Journal-News, The (Nyack, NY/Rockland County)

Long Island Daily Press

New York Times, The

New Haven Register, The

Newark Star-Ledger, The / The Star-Ledger

Newsday (Melville, NY/Long Island)

Poughkeepsie Journal
Telegram, The (Bridgeport, CT)

Village Voice, The


In addition, certain data has been referenced from the following:


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Martin Brooks

Rhett Butler
Joe Dunton, BSC
Bob Endres

Bill Gabel

Robert A. Harris

Bill Huelbig
Joe Kelly

Paul Linfesty

Tina Milani
Gary Palmucci
Bob Throop

David R. Smith

Robert Weisgerber
Vince Young



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