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Pictures used here at from Script to DVD.com are property the of their owners and are used here with permission.  Under the circumstance a copywritten photo is used, the Copyright Office allows for "fair use" with the understanding that the photos are used for educational purposes. Any other pictures taken at events given by the studios are either taken by a photographer they’ve hired, or by owners/contributors of this site. All pictures retain credit, copyright or both of their owners. Use of pictures elsewhere is prohibited unless permission is granted.  

Written Context  

Use of written material on this site is prohibited without express written consent. Use of written material is permitted for term papers, articles, and research, provided the author of the article/articles in question is/are credited and this website is acknowleged.  

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from Script to DVD.com or its owner is not responsible for damages to your computer from using this site.  


from Script to DVD.com is not affiliated with any motion picture studio and/or production company.
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