The ASC was founded in January 1919 by 15 cinematographers who were dedicated to advancing the art of narrative filmmaking.  The ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards were inaugurated in 1987 for the purpose of recognizing and inspiring the quest for artistry in narrative filmmaking.  There are currently some 275 members from many countries around the world, and another 140 associates in allied fields.  For additional information, visit the ASC website at www.theasc.com.


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By Michael Coate and William Kallay

Every February, to celebrate their annual awards show, the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), opens its doors to the public.  Movie lovers, film students, aspiring cinematographers, and anybody simply interested in the art of cinematography, has the opportunity to meet some of the film industry’s best talent.  The atmosphere is relaxed, the company is great, and it’s always a pleasure listening to cinematographers talk shop. 
One of the other aspects that makes the Open House special is that people can meet the year’s recipient of the ASC’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  This year’s honor went to Fred Koenekamp, ASC, whose credits include “Patton” (1970), “Papillon” (1973), and “The Towering Inferno” (1974).
In this era of celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt receiving endless coverage from the press, it’s refreshing to mingle with filmmakers who don’t always get recognition from the public.  It is an understatement to say that a cinematographer’s contribution isn’t that important to film and television.  It’s perhaps one of the most important elements of how audiences experience a film.  After all, film and television are visual mediums!  Combine a great director, a great screenwriter, a great cast and a great cinematographer, you can get films like “The Godfather” (1972) and “Gone With The Wind” (1939).
Luckily, cinematographers are acknowledged in the fine publication, American Cinematographer, as they well should be.  We hope we can acknowledge cinematographers here, too.  It’s our pleasure at From Script To DVD to provide our readers with this photo gallery of the ASC’s Open House, which the organization hosted on February 12, and the 19th Annual Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography held the following night, whose guests include many of our favorite cinematographers.  

The 19th Annual American Society of Cinematographers Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography was held February 13 at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland.  Presenters for this year’s festivities included Alan Alda (“M*A*S*H,” Oscar nominee for “The Aviator”), Debbie Allen (“Fame”), Alec Baldwin (“Beetlejuice,” The Cooler”), Peter Fonda (“Ulee’s Gold,” “Easy Rider”), Victor Garber (“Alias”), Kathryn Morris (“Cold Case”), and Poppy Montgomery (“Without A Trace”).

Awards were given to the following:

Theatrical Feature Film
Bruno Delbonnel, AFC for “A Very Long Engagement”

Movie of the Week, Miniseries or Pilot (Basic or Pay)
Robbie Greenberg, ASC for “Iron Jawed Angels”

Movie of the Week, Miniseries or Pilot (Network Television)
Jonathan Freeman for “Homeland Security”

Episodic Television Series
Nathan Hope for “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (“Down The Drain”)

ASC International Achievement Award
Tonino Della Colli, AIC

ASC Lifetime Achievement Award
Fred Koenekamp, ASC 

Board of Governors Award
Gilbert Cates

ASC Award of Distinction
Leonard Maltin
President’s Award
Richard Moore, ASC

Charles B. Lang, Jr. ASC Heritage Award
Paul James Raval from the University of Texas at Austin

Bill Kallay
ASC Clubhouse
Daniel Pearl, ASC ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"); Bruno Delbonnel, AFC ("A Very Long Engagement"); and Paul Cameron ("Collateral")
dion beebe
Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC ("Chicago")
Caleb Deschanel, ASC ("The Right Stuff," "The Passion Of The Christ")
Fred Koenekamp, ASC ("Patton," "The Towering Inferno")
Dante Spinotti, ASC, AIC ("Heat," "L.A. Confidential")
Nancy Schreiber, ASC ("Your Friends & Neighbors"); publicist Bob Fisher; and historian/film critic Leonard Maltin ("Entertainment Tonight")
William A. Fraker, ASC, BSC ("Bullitt," "WarGames")
Isidore Mankofsky, ASC ("The Muppet Movie")
Joe Dunton, BSC (Joe Dunton & Company)
Laszlo Kovacs, ASC ("Easy Rider," "Ghostbusters")
John Seale, ACS, ASC ("Cold Mountain," "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone")
John Hora, ASC ("The Howling," "Gremlins")
John Hora, ASC ("The Howling," "Gremlins")
Bill Bennett, ASC (Acura "Hot Wheels," Mazda RX-8 "Gears" TV Spots)
Stephen H. Burum, ASC ("The Untouchables," "Hoffa")
FSTDVD's William Kallay and historian Leonard Maltin
Wally Pfister, ASC ("Memento," "Batman Begins")
Fred Koenekamp, ASC accepting Lifetime Achievement Award
ASC President Richard Crudo ("American Pie") and Susan Derendorf
Presenter Peter Fonda
Russell Carpenter, ASC ("Titanic," "Charlie's Angels")
Board of Governors Award winner Gilbert Cates and presenter Debbie Allen
Presenter Allen Daviau, ASC ("E.T.," "The Color Purple") and Award of Distinction recipient Leonard Maltin
International Achievement Award recipient Tonino Della Colli, AIC ("Once Upon A Time In The West") and presenter Alan Alda
Presenter Victor Garber and Robbie Greenberg, ASC ("Iron Jawed Angels")
Presenter Peter Fonda and President's Award recipient Richard Moore, ASC (Panavision Co-Founder )
Award of Distinction recipient Leonard Maltin
Presenter Kathryn Morris and Jonathan Freeman ("Homeland Security")

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Michael Coate (© 2005 From Script To DVD)

Chris Pizzello (© 2005 ASC)

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