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Posted November 1, 2005


"Chicken Little" World Premiere!

The Sky Is....Well, You Know


William & Alexandria Kallay


Disney seemed to make sure that the sky didn't fall for the World Premiere of "Chicken Little" on a warm October day.  This film marks the studio's foray into not only computer animated features, but into the world of digital 3-D cinema.      


As with many Disney premiere events, the stars came out to talk with the press, say hello to eager fans lined up across the street from the El Capitan Theatre, and to see this new film.   


The list of film and television stars was lengthy for the premiere.  Some of the "Chicken Little" cast came to the premiere, including Zack Braff, Garry Marshall, Catherine O'Hara, Harry Shearer and Fred Willard.


My "cub" reporter, Alexandria, kept me and the other members of the press abreast of the stars arriving.  Adrian Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, Brooke Burke, Dick Cook, John Debney, Donald Faison, Joely Fisher, Teri Hatcher, Marilu Henner, Bob Iger, Mike Johnson, Regina King, Chris & Kyle Massey, Mandy Moore, Judy Reyes, Jane Seymour, Alyson Stoner, Keily Williams, and Erik von Detten were all on-hand.


A little baby chick and mommy arrive on the red carpet

Meanwhile, Alexandria waits patiently for the stars to arrive

Zack Braff ("Chicken Little") talks to members of the press

Braff speaks to a junior reporter next to FSTD's place in line

Braff laughs it up with Abbey Mallard (voiced by Joan Cusack)

Director and actor, Garry Marshall ("Buck Cluck")

Fred Willard ("Melvin / Alien Dad")

Willard and Chicken Little

Harry Shearer ("Dog Announcer")

Shearer also voices many characters on Fox's "The Simpsons" and hosts Los Angeles' radio show, "Le Show" on KCRW-FM

Shearer waits for the movie to start

Fellow journalists, Amber Bollard and Dana, pose with Harry Shearer

Shearer & Willard pose for the press before entering the theatre

Catherine O'Hara ("Tina / Alien Mom") and companion

O'Hara and companion close-up

Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives")

Hatcher shows her friends how to properly walk the red carpet

Mandy Moore ("Saved!")

Moore notices the press photographers screaming out, "Mandy!"

Chris Massey ("Zoey 101") & Kyle Massey ("That's So Raven")

The Massey Brothers

Erik von Detten ("The Princess Diaries")

Detten reacts to his fans across Hollywood Blvd.

One section of the large crowd across from El Capitan

Judy Reyes ("Scrubs")

Donald Faison ("Scrubs") & family

Regina King ("A Cinderella Story")

Amber Bollard and Regina King

Welch's Grape Juice spokeskid

Brooke Burke ("Rock Star: INXS")

John Debney (composer, "Chicken Little")

Debney has composed music for a number of films including "Spider-Man 2" and "Sin City"

Marilu Henner ("Total Health Makeover")

Bob Iger, CEO Walt Disney Company

Mr. Iger took over the reins of the company from Michael Eisner in 2005

Dick Cook, Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios

Alyson Stoner ("Sally") & Mike Johnson ("Mike") of "Mike's Super Short Show" on Disney Channel

Stoner has been featured in a lot of Disney shows and in feature films

Jane Seymour ("The Wedding Crashers")

Seymour starred in "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" on television

Joely Fisher ("Desperate Housewives")

Melinda Clarke ("The O.C.")

Abbey Mallard & Chicken Little

Chicken Little & Abbey Mallard greet the press 

A huge "Chicken Little" billboard

Adrienne Bailon & Sabrina Bryan of "The Cheetah Girls"

Kiely Williams, Adrienne Bailon & Sabrina Bryan ("The Cheetah Girls")

Alexandria bids farewell to the "Chicken Little" premiere

Special thanks to Rebecca Rosen, Amber Bollard, and Alexandria Kallay

All photos 2005 William Kallay.  All rights reserved





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