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A year-by-year, film-by-film history of 70-millimeter wide gauge exhibition in Orange County, California


 Compiled by Michael Coate and William Kallay




January 16:
Altered States
Spherical Blow-Up / Six-Track Dolby Stereo + Megasound
Warner Bros.
"Presented In Megasound: A Revolutionary New Concept In The Sensation Of Sound"

Newport Beach: [Edwards] Newport
Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome



February 13:
The Jazz Singer
Spherical Blow-Up / Six-Track Dolby Stereo
Associated Film (AFD)

Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome




March 27:
Sleeping Beauty / The Black Hole (Double Feature Re-Issue)
"Two Worlds Of Disney Fantasy A 70mm Stereo Sensation!"

Costa Mesa: [Mann] South Coast Plaza

Also see 1979 entry for "Sleeping Beauty"

May 22:
Anamorphic Blow-Up
Ladd (Warner Bros.)
"On Jupiter's moon, he's the only law."

*Six-Track Dolby Stereo plus Megasound
**Six-Track Dolby Stereo

Newport Beach: [Edwards] Newport**
Orange: [Plitt] City Center*

June 12:
Raiders Of The Lost
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Dolby Stereo
Lucasfilm Ltd./Paramount
"Indiana Jones The New Hero From The Creators Of 'Jaws' And 'Star Wars'." 

Costa Mesa: [Mann] South Coast Plaza
Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome

June 19:
Superman II
Anamorphic Blow-Up /
Six-Track Dolby Stereo
Warner Bros.
"The Adventure Continues"

Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome

Additional 70mm Engagements:
Newport Beach: [Edwards] Newport (July 3)




July 31:
The Empire Strikes Back (Re-Issue)
Anamorphic Blow-Up / Six-Track Dolby Stereo
Lucasfilm Ltd./20th Century Fox
"One of the best things that ever happened is about to happen again."

Orange: [Plitt] City Center

Also see 1980 & 1982 entries

October 9:
Zoot Suit
Spherical Blow-Up / Six-Track Stereo with Sensurround Plus
"An American Original"

Orange: [Syufy] Cinedome



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